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Columbus Meetup was a part-web, part-public project I started this past year.


Columbus, Ohio has a very young entrepreneurial scene in the sense that people looking for a side-project or startup community often struggle to find anything continuous. There are events in the city, but most are only slightly-related communities or one-off events that happen a few times a year.

Meanwhile, it's hard for people to push themselves to dedicate time every week to working on their side project or startup, especially when they have a day job or class to schedule around. We hope to improve the city's entrepreneurial scene by building a more continually supportive community for people like us.

Columbus Meetup is partially an online event calendar built on Jekyll (with the plan to expand functionality in the future), and partially composed of weekly meetups to help people get together once a week, get some work done on their projects, and meet some other developers and designers in the Columbus area in the process.

Wrap up

Columbus Meetup has a basic website in place to host meeting times. If you're interested in adapting the site for your own use, check out its GitHub for more information.

Columbus Meetup is also currently on a hiatus while reconsidering its marketing approach, since attendance has fallen.