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Finding local developers and designers to work on projects with can be a pain. Finding a busdev person to help turn that project into something more can be an even bigger pain. You can network through developer groups, meetups, and Facebook groups, but that's far from ideal.

Simply put, Kicklet is a collaboration platform that connects people with diverse skill sets to create things together.

Slightly less simply put, Kicklet is a collaboration platform designed to help you discover projects and individuals that share similarly aligned interests and complimentary traits. If there are projects going on right now in your city that are right up your alley, we want to help you discover them. Likewise, if you have an awesome project or startup, we want to help you connect with fans, beta users, and new team members.


This concept started years ago while I was in college. I loved always hacking away at some side project in my free time, but it seemed I was always working alone. I knew there were other people in my class working on projects outside of school too, but I didn't have a good way of finding out who those people were or what their projects were.

Over time, a few other solutions popped up aiming to solve similar problems, but nothing stuck or really satisfied me. So I built Kicklet with a couple talented friends of mine.

Kicklet was built with three goals in mind to help the user accomplish:


Discover what side projects and startups that other people are working on. Follow interesting projects and watch them come to life.


We know you don't want to work with just anyone. Find others with the skills, interests, and locality you need to form a great team.


Collaborate with others to build and launch your project. Then leverage the platform to grow a following and expand your userbase.


Kicklet is a Ruby on Rails application that's the result of a year of continuous development, testing, and revising. At the time of writing, It has roughly 1400 tests, 1100 commits, 168 releases, and 40,000 lines of code.

Wrap up

Kicklet is probably the most expansive project I've built to date (as of writing). It's in public beta and could always use more users and content, so come join!