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I love coffee, but home brewing coffee is a hobby with a couple huge barriers.

Kit & Coffee has two goals. First, it aims to lower the cost of home brewing. Grinders, scales, drippers, and other brewing gadgets can set you back hundreds of dollars. On top of that, a bag of high quality coffee might set you back another $20, often without anyway to "try it out" first. It's not unusual to spend $500+ on coffee per year alone if you're making coffee every day. The unfortunate part of spending that much on a bag is finding bags that you don't care for. Then you're stuck drinking it for a week or are forced to either give it away or throw it out.

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Secondly, we're aiming to eliminate coffee's fairly steep learning curve. As prohibitive as the cost is to getting started brewing coffee at home, the required skill and knowledge might be worse. If you're going to start brewing coffee at home, you have a number of topics to learn about first. What kind of grinder should you buy? Should you grind your coffee beans at all? Should you buy a drip machine? A french press? Aeropress? Pourover drippers? Then you have more to figure out. How fine should your beans be ground? How should you measure the beans? Then how do you properly use the equipment you now have to get that coffee shop quality cup of coffee like a barista would make? Even learning to make a decent pourover could take you weeks or months of practice and playing with grinds, waters, temperatures, and techniques.

Coffee's too awesome to have these prohibitive barriers. That's why we launched Kit & Coffee. Our kits are simple enough to use that virtually anyone can make a cup of coffee shop quality without requiring the purchase of any startup equipment. All you need is a mug and some hot water.

Even if you're not a beginner, Kit & Coffee still offers a couple things that are tough to find elsewhere. Our kits are cheap enough that you could try virtually unlimited types of coffees without getting stuck with an entire bag of any coffee (if you don't like). Additionally, we use a predictive algorithm to personally tailor each kit for each customer based on how the customer rates each coffee. So the more coffee you try, the better your recommendations will get.

Like coffee or ever thought about getting into making great coffee from home? Give Kit & Coffee a try. New subscribers even get a free kit to get started.

Seriously, it's awesome. Try it.